Determining your users

Understanding your target users User understanding Helps ensure the way you sell you good reflects the ways people want to buy them (not what’s easiest for the business) Improves stickiness (how effective an experience is in keeping users within it or getting them to return to it – compelling, interesting, engaging, relevant, meaningful content, useful … Read more

Why use UX?

Realising UX for All Channel Benefits Compelling UX Creates a positive relationship between the user and the business Increases retention and product use and therefore revenues Gives the business a competitive edge Multichannel and Omnichannel People are increasingly connected with technology so UX matters even more Multichannel – more than one channel in which a … Read more

Conducting suspect stage experiments with landing pages

You can potentially growth hack the suspect stage of funnel with landing page (if don’t have an MVP yet) Case study 1 When a value proposition needs a pivot Drug Treatment centre: type website for rehabilitation centres. Original homepage below ● Guerilla user research invalidated his hypothetical ‘everyman’ customer. ● Research suggested only affluent … Read more

Analytics tools for dummies

Enterprise oriented analytics reporting tools ● Google analytics ● Adobe analytics ● Require developer or analytics expert for implementation and monitoring Dashboards, funnel conversion, A/B testing ● Kissmetrics, Optimizely, Geckoboard, Mixpanel, Totango, Chartbeat ● A single visual place to watch all your metrics ● Use them to measure customer engagement and retention, also segmentation, so … Read more