Conducting suspect stage experiments with landing pages

You can potentially growth hack the suspect stage of funnel with landing page (if don’t have an MVP yet) Case study 1 When a value proposition needs a pivot Drug Treatment centre: type website for rehabilitation centres. Original homepage below ● Guerilla user research invalidated his hypothetical ‘everyman’ customer. ● Research suggested only affluent … Read more

Analytics tools for dummies

Enterprise oriented analytics reporting tools ● Google analytics ● Adobe analytics ● Require developer or analytics expert for implementation and monitoring Dashboards, funnel conversion, A/B testing ● Kissmetrics, Optimizely, Geckoboard, Mixpanel, Totango, Chartbeat ● A single visual place to watch all your metrics ● Use them to measure customer engagement and retention, also segmentation, so … Read more

Develop for conversion – the funnel matrix

Always be closing!! Funnel Matrix ● Growth hacker – crossbreed of marketer, coders and analytics experts, traffic generation and product optimization with understanding of SEO ad platforms and social media, A/B testing, landing page, viral factors, email deliverability and social media integration. ● Goal – identify the most valuable marketing channels by tying viral and … Read more