Determining your users

Understanding your target users User understanding Helps ensure the way you sell you good reflects the ways people want to buy them (not what’s easiest for the business) Improves stickiness (how effective an experience is in keeping users within it or getting them to return to it – compelling, interesting, engaging, relevant, meaningful content, useful … Read more

Guerilla user research vs usability

Drug Treatment Centre example ● Setup: 10 participants, UX researcher, lead, event coordinator, 2 cafes. ● Simple set up inside – with coordinator outside cafe with clipboard to catch pre-booked participants before enter cafe. ● Reward of a free cup of coffee plus cash payment. ● 30 minute interviews. ● Notes taken live. Between each … Read more

Validating the value proposition

Elevator pitch – what’s your value proposition?   What’s your value proposition? ( How do you communicate the benefits a customer can expect from you product? Formula ● ‘It’s this’ is the magical bit, the interactive dynamics of the product and how it affects the outcome of how they use it. The ‘that’ describes the … Read more